Disposable Strip Brushes

For NSC and Sant’ Andrea woolcomb machines. These brushes are standard equipment on NSC PB32 and PB33 and on Sant’ Andrea P100 combing machines. They also contribute to significant reductions in running costs for earlier converted machines.


  • 3mm black bristle (Firm) – P/N: PB17721AF
  • Wool/Synthetic blends


  • 3mm White goat hair (Soft) – P/N: PB17722AT
  • 5mm White goat hair (Soft) – P/N: PB19236AW
  • 5mm Dark horse hair (Medium) – P/N: PB19237AH
  • 5mm Black bristle (Firm) – P/N: PB19237
  • 5mm White goat hair – P/N: PB19308AS
  • Cleaning Brush for Delivery Roller (PB33)
  • Cleaning Brush 15mm Bristle (PB33) – P/N: PB19369JX

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